Basement Waterproofing System

Basement Waterproofing Sealer

Easy to apply and dries to a tough, durable, flexible surface. 

Specification Chemicals’ #4800 is an acrylic based high solid, economical method of solving moisture problems. The coating’s high alkali resistance allows its use over “green” concrete.

 Product Uses

      Basement waterproofing sealer for poured concrete,  concrete block, clay tile, and wood.

      Repairing stucco walls and foundations.

      Coating for both medium to low density urethane foam and styrene board.

Surface Preparation

Remove all loose dirt and existing paint so the basement waterproofing sealer adheres directly to the concrete or block.  If the walls are mildewed, first use a wire brush and bleach to remove all traces of mildew.  Efflorescence, a formulation of crystalline deposits caused by free alkalis leached from mortar, grout, or adjacent concrete should be removed with a muriatic acid solution.  Finish preparation by carefully rinsing the wall with water to remove all dirt or residue.  It is important to have a clean, dry surface before applying #4800 Waterproof Coating.

Application and Estimating

To assure even coverage on rough surfaces and mortar joints apply #4800 Waterproof Coating with a nylon paintbrush at the rate of 100 square feet per gallon for each of two coats.  #4800 will dry to the touch in less time than the membrane will cure at the substrate (wall).  Allow at least 48 hours of dry curing (below 50% humidity) before applying the second coat.  After brushing the second coat, while coating is still wet, a roller may be used to produce an even texture.

#4800 Basement Waterproofing may be sprayed with commercial airless equipment capable of 2000psi through a .031 tip.


Temperature and humidity affect curing time.  Do not apply if surface is damp or the surface temperature is below 50 degrees or if the temperature will drop below freezing within 24 hours. Follow all installation and surface preparation instructions to assure proper adhesion.  Protect contents of the container from freezing.

Clean Up:

Brushes and equipment may be cleaned immediately after use with water.