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Wall restoration, lead abatement, stucco, and roof coating, we have the systems for you.  Specification Chemicals, Inc. has been manufacturing restoration, waterproofing materials, and roof coatings since 1975.  During this time we have seen many applications of all our products and talked to hundreds of contractors and DIY customers.  We would like now to share this information with you.


Our website includes step by step application instructions if you’re trying to fix your roof or repair your wall.  Yes, the website has lots of information for you but besides the site we are here to help you with your job.  Contractors or homeowners we can help!  Call us with any specific questions or if you need help with estimating your job.


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Restore Your Walls the Green Way.

With Nu-wal you can restore your walls the green way.  We hear a lot of advertising about upgrading your home to make it more energy efficient by installing new windows and doors.  I do not doubt the value of this, but you may now want to consider how much your interior walls are costing you.

Do the math; consider a small crack 1/8 inch wide.  Every 8 inch of the crack calculates to one square inch.   One inch square hole………..there could be a little energy loss there.

The example above clearly shows that putting up Nu-wal can save you money on your heating and cooling, but remember too, besides sealing your cracks so they don’t come back Nu-wal also:

  • Encapsulates lead paint.
  • Allows no need to tear out walls and fill our landfill.
  • Stabilizes and strengthens plaster walls so you can even hang a picture and not crack the plaster.
  • Allows no need to remove trim.
  • It’s easy to use with no toxic fumes and water cleanup.
  • Restored walls and ceilings are ready for either painting or wallpaper.

DIY or contractors consider Nu-wal for your next restoration project.  It’s quick, affordable and long lasting.

New Website

We have released our new website. It has been a long time coming. We will soon have products ready for online sales as well. In the mean time we are always available to take orders over the phone. Thank you – Specification Chemicals