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Wall Restoration, Lead Abatement, Stucco, and Roof Coating Questions. We’re Here to Help!


Wall restoration, lead abatement, stucco, and roof coating, we have the systems for you. Specification Chemicals, Inc. has been manufacturing restoration, waterproofing materials, and roof coatings since 1975. During this time we have seen many applications of all our products and talked to hundreds of contractors and DIY customers. We would like now to share this information with you.

Our website includes step by step application instructions if you’re trying to fix your roof or repair your wall. Yes, the website has lots of information for you but besides the site we are here to help you with your job. Contractors or homeowners we can help! Call us with any specific questions or if you need help with estimating your job.


We are available to discuss your project. Call 800-247-3932.

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1425 Metro East Drive #116
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1425 Metro East Drive #114
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

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