#100 Vap-R-Lok




Vap-R-Lok is a liquid acrylic emulsion.  It cures to a tough flexible membrane which prevents stain penetration, asphalt bleed and water migration.  It is an excellent saturant for Pol-E-Scrim or Pol-E-Force and the recommended primer/saturant for the Recycled Rubber Roof  System.  Allow 24 hours to cure.


#100 Vap-R-Lok is applied at 80 square feet per gallon for sealing asphalt bleed and stain penetration.

#100 Vap-R-Lok is applied at a rate of 50 square feet per gallon to adhere Pol-E-Scrim on OSB, plywood, concrete and smooth asphalt surfaces.

#100 Vap-R-Lok is applied at a rate of 40 square feet per gallon to adhere Pol-E-Force to granulated rolled roofing and other rough surfaces.

Application:  Apply with a nylon brush, a paint roller or with a commercial heavy duty airless sprayer.

Do not thin this product.

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Weight 10.89 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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