#2200 Plastic Emulsion (5 gallon)



#2200 White Plastic is an extremely high solids elastomeric emulsion. The primary difference between typical
elastomeric coatings (such as our 1300T) and #2200 Plastic Emulsion is the higher percentage of non volatile
solids. The result of the higher solids is more cured mil thickness from each gallon of coating applied to a square
of roof surface. The high solids content also allows you to apply more product per coat/per square and may
reduce the number of applications needed to produce the specified mil thickness.


#2200 Plastic Emulsion is applied with a sponge brush, ½ inch nap roller or airless sprayer.  Coat at a rate of 50 square feet per gallon over Vap-R-Lok.  Apply at a rate of 33 square feet per gallon over granulated rolled roofing or uneven roof surfaces.  Do not apply at a rate less than 33 square feet per gallon.

Application is  two coats with not less than 48 hours of curing time after first coat.  The parapet wall above the Pol-E-Base may be coated with RRR after priming with #100 Vap-R-Lok.  If needed thin sparingly with water.  5 Gallon Bucket

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 15 in
5 gallon

5 Gallons