#4800 Basement Waterproofing




#4800 is an acrylic based high solid, economical method of solving moisture problems.  Basement Waterproofing is easy to apply and dries to a tough, durable, flexible surface.  The coating’s high alkali resistance allows its use over “green” concrete.

Estimating & Application

To assure even coverage on rough surfaces and mortar joints apply #4800 Waterproof Coating with a nylon paintbrush at the rate of 100 square feet per gallon for each of two coats.  #4800 will dry to the touch in less time than the membrane will cure at the substrate (wall).  Allow at least 48 hours of dry curing (below 50% humidity) before applying the second coat.  After brushing the second coat, while coating is still wet, a roller may be used to produce an even texture.

#4800 Basement Waterproofing may be sprayed with commercial airless equipment capable of 2000psi through a .031 tip.


Additional information

Weight 5.44 lbs
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